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So, there is something about “trips” in here somewhere..


It was my brother in laws birthday was this week and I found the most awesome present ever. I read the reviews on Amazon and it made me laugh so hard. He received it yesterday and said it is pretty funny. I’m patting myself on the back for this one.

Pure Awesome.

My oldest son was cracking me up yesterday. He was giving advice to my youngest on how to get the “ladies”. I think he will be a ladies man a lot sooner than I would like him to be. He told me a few nights ago that one of the reasons he loves me so much is because I am so smart. I told him thank you (and this is where the man comes out in him) and he says to me, “Yeah, when I can’t find my shoes you always seem to know where to find them,” and he’s 9 so that is a pretty awesome compliment if you ask me.
Just a few days ago I got to have a proud moment when he held the door open for a little lady and her daughter (I assume it was because of the little girl) but you just never see polite kids anymore. I’ve had kids let the door slam in my face while carrying groceries or something similar so it made me proud to see him open the door for someone even if he still uses his fork like a shovel sometimes (it’s a work in progress).

Now, the youngest needs a lot more work. We were looking at campers a while back and the salesman was just going on and on about them and Shooter announces really loudly, “Wait for it…Waaaiiitt for it,” and just busts ass. It was so loud and gross. I know that we should have said something and we did …in between a giggle here or there. The salesman never skipped a beat. He just went on trying to sale campers.

Her neck is not usually this fat.

My poor baby Trixie must have been bitten by a snake. She wouldn’t pose for me (no lady likes having a double chin in a picture and this chin hangs to the floor).

My son had a baseball tournament a few weeks ago (baseball is pretty much 85% of my life right now). Of course there are like 10 other teams there from the surrounding area and what do I do? O I fall on my ass. It’s okay though it happens a lot. My mom and I just laughed and laughed and I got to thinking about it (after laughing about it with my husband also) and I have taken a lot of “trips” in my lifetime. I took a trip down some cement steps in England, I took a trip down a step in Coyote Ugly in Memphis (I blame that on the alcohol and being one of the worse bars I have ever been in), walking to an overlook at the Rocky Mountains in Colorado,  Las Vegas, well you get the point. Am I the only one who has all these stories about falling on my ass? Thank God I can laugh about them or I would have a serious complex! 🙂 Sometime, I will share with you my favorite “Sara no “H” accidents”. I have some good ones to tell.

Well, I guess I will quit rambling …For now.. 🙂


He may look like his dad but the child is me…


I want to tell this story about my son Shooter, O…Shooter my dramatic little spazz Shooter. This past Spring my brother wanted to take a big family camping trip for Spring Break. My husband had to work and didn’t get to go. So, my dad hauls our huge camper to this place we call Man Camp. It has no electricity and it’s about 30 minutes from our home even further back in the sticks.

My neice and nephew (twins) Luke and Leia decide to stay in my camper with Shooter and the older boys stay in my brothers camper. The adults are sitting outside telling stories and maybe having the occasional adult beverage. So, we are sitting there having an awesome time and all of the sudden we hear this horrible screaming noise. I run to the camper and I try to open the door but the door is locked. I never use the lock (you know you’re from a small town) and I am trying to think of the color of the lock and trying to get Shooters attention because I have a 5 year old and two 4 year olds have melt downs and finally my brain starts to function and I tell Shooter to turn the red switch. The door flies open and three babies just leap into mine and my sister-in-laws arms. We are trying to check them for bites or something but they are clinging to us like leeches. We finally get one of them to talk to us and we ask just what is going on and they tell us (this is how I know Shooter is just like me) “Shooter was telling us a story and it scared us”. They wouldn’t quit freaking out or crying.

We had to go to bed at that point because the children wouldn’t let us out of their sight but I’m so proud that I don’t even mind. Shooter told such a good story he even scared himself silly. Maybe, just maybe he can accomplish one day what I never did. Doing something with that story telling ability.


Two tiddly bits that let you know we are from the South..


1. Mud

*side note: Thank you water company for coming in and bringing a back hoe to repair the broken water line. I just love cleaning kiddos after they’ve literally sunk in mud.

Yes, he is sinking and that isn't even the deepest part.

 2. Inventive Solutions

The awning is trying me.

This is our camper. Our camper is my favorite possession (okay, one of two). I’m so country I consider it my lake house in the summer, my cabin in the woods in the Spring and Fall, and it’s EVEN my river front home just whenever I want it to be. Do you see the awning? It’s awesome (just a little bit of sarcasm) because they do not withstand 500 mph (slight exaggeration) winds. This is the second time it has broke.

My husband wants to take it down because he says it makes us look like hill billies *pause* That’s what makes us look like hill billies? Lol have you heard us talk or seen our kids in the above picture? I don’t think a little floppy material is calling us out; that’s just me though.

I was at a loss at what to do but in comes my hero. My dad is such a sweet guy he will help me with anything (it drives my husband nuts because he says my dad spoils me but dad says that is his job. I tend to agree with my father ha ha). Even if we have to do it in 100 degree heat (no exaggeration) my dad was going to help me get this awning back on. So, he said this time we were going to make the damn awning BE ABLE TO WITHSTAND ANY AMOUNT OF WIND. And this is what he did…

The part where the awning hooks in broke

Yes, Yes, Yes! That is a MASSIVE cable tie and just for extra security-bailing wire. I love my daddy. 🙂 Now, dear husband, you can say our camper makes us look like hill billies and I will be inclined to agree lol.