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This is a 10 year old and he is a tween. I am learning a lot about Tweens lately. Especially, now that I own one.
Most recently he asked me why I am always taking pictures of myself and I told him because I use the app Snap Chat and He said that people born in the 19’s didn’t need to use apps. I felt all of my 31 years at that moment :).


I’m not a stalker..


but it sounds like I am. I wasn’t stalking my husband (before he was my husband) but he seems to think that I was. You can’t help it if you have to drive by someone’s house five or ten times in one night. It’s a small town and if your best friend lives down the same road it’s kind of hard to avoid his road. It wasn’t like he owned it. So, it’s slightly embarrassing when he tells people “THE STORY“, the story that kind of makes me look like a stalker.

One night I had picked my friend up and we were headed to cruise town (back when ten bucks would give you almost a full tank). I had the windows down on my 96 Cavalier and the radio pumped up. Out of pure chance I end up stopping to talk to a friend right in front of Husbands house (well his mother’s house). She shut her car off (is that a little bit of foreshadowing? I think so!) to tell us she would meet us in town after she ran home and changed out of her work clothes. She TRIES to start her car back up and what do you think happened? Oh yes my friends- IT’S DEAD. DEAD. THE BATTERY IS DEAD. We have to wake my future husband up to jump her car that is dead in the middle of the freaking road. It took all I had not to just leave her there or push the damn car myself. This is why (if you ever get the glorious opportunity to meet my husband) he will tell you, “See, here is proof that stalking can lead to true love” (isn’t he just the sweetest?).