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This is a 10 year old and he is a tween. I am learning a lot about Tweens lately. Especially, now that I own one.
Most recently he asked me why I am always taking pictures of myself and I told him because I use the app Snap Chat and He said that people born in the 19’s didn’t need to use apps. I felt all of my 31 years at that moment :).


How I get my husband to leave me alone…


As I have stated before my husband is like a third child. Sometimes he gets bored and he annoys me. Years ago I could use the, “I’m cramping” excuse to get him to leave but he caught on to that pretty quick. I mean how many days out of the month can a woman have issues. So, I discovered a new trick I would like to share.
Wait for it..wait for it…I threaten to mismatch his socks.
Problem solved.

So, there is something about “trips” in here somewhere..


It was my brother in laws birthday was this week and I found the most awesome present ever. I read the reviews on Amazon and it made me laugh so hard. He received it yesterday and said it is pretty funny. I’m patting myself on the back for this one.

Pure Awesome.

My oldest son was cracking me up yesterday. He was giving advice to my youngest on how to get the “ladies”. I think he will be a ladies man a lot sooner than I would like him to be. He told me a few nights ago that one of the reasons he loves me so much is because I am so smart. I told him thank you (and this is where the man comes out in him) and he says to me, “Yeah, when I can’t find my shoes you always seem to know where to find them,” and he’s 9 so that is a pretty awesome compliment if you ask me.
Just a few days ago I got to have a proud moment when he held the door open for a little lady and her daughter (I assume it was because of the little girl) but you just never see polite kids anymore. I’ve had kids let the door slam in my face while carrying groceries or something similar so it made me proud to see him open the door for someone even if he still uses his fork like a shovel sometimes (it’s a work in progress).

Now, the youngest needs a lot more work. We were looking at campers a while back and the salesman was just going on and on about them and Shooter announces really loudly, “Wait for it…Waaaiiitt for it,” and just busts ass. It was so loud and gross. I know that we should have said something and we did …in between a giggle here or there. The salesman never skipped a beat. He just went on trying to sale campers.

Her neck is not usually this fat.

My poor baby Trixie must have been bitten by a snake. She wouldn’t pose for me (no lady likes having a double chin in a picture and this chin hangs to the floor).

My son had a baseball tournament a few weeks ago (baseball is pretty much 85% of my life right now). Of course there are like 10 other teams there from the surrounding area and what do I do? O I fall on my ass. It’s okay though it happens a lot. My mom and I just laughed and laughed and I got to thinking about it (after laughing about it with my husband also) and I have taken a lot of “trips” in my lifetime. I took a trip down some cement steps in England, I took a trip down a step in Coyote Ugly in Memphis (I blame that on the alcohol and being one of the worse bars I have ever been in), walking to an overlook at the Rocky Mountains in Colorado,  Las Vegas, well you get the point. Am I the only one who has all these stories about falling on my ass? Thank God I can laugh about them or I would have a serious complex! 🙂 Sometime, I will share with you my favorite “Sara no “H” accidents”. I have some good ones to tell.

Well, I guess I will quit rambling …For now.. 🙂

Post V-Day


At 5:30 this morning I was in my husbands recliner, watching reruns of Will & Grace, enjoying my Valentine present. I had an hour all to myself. You never realize how sweet that time can be until you’ve had kids.

My husband is awesome.

And on a side note..Have you seen these?

It's so pretty..

So, we live in a state where you can only buy 3.2 % alcohol in the stores. There really is no point in buying this in Oklahoma unless you can get it at a liquor store. I know because it was bothering my husband so he called Bud Light (this isn’t the first time) and found out all about the new Platinum Bud Light.

Hmmm, the pretty bottles might explain why I was up at 5:30 am enjoying a Snickers. Ha ha.


Happy Vday!


And I don’t mean venereal day!

My husband and I were talking about this the other day. How did it go from flowers to electronics and such? So, I didn’t even really prepare at all this year. I got him a card and I’m totally letting him watch his shows and I haven’t rolled my eyes once. And if he plays his cards right there might be a little something extra later. I doubt it but you never know. I am feeling lovey dovey today.  🙂 And this evening he is going to cook me some wild hog. Yes, that is correct. I have never tried it and he’s never cooked it so this could be interesting. Don’t worry I have wine. 🙂

I also had a very smart idea this morning. I woke my children today with huge Hershey kisses. Why is that smart? Well, I bribed my spazzo child with it and he got ready for school without one complaint. He was so excited about his massive Hershey kiss and school party that he didn’t complain about getting out of bed, putting his clothes on, or when I sprayed him with stinky stuff (Axe body spray so he would smell nice for the ladies). I know that doesn’t seem like a big deal to you but with the oldest one I could whisper his name from my room and he would be up and ready for school in 10 minutes. The spazzo takes like 40 minutes to put a shoe on (notice A shoe not TWO). I was very excited when he just jumped up and got ready without making me a spazzo also. 🙂

I also have a Valentine and it’s not even my husband. I let Spazzo have his first friend stay the night a couple of weeks ago and his little friend told his teacher that I am his Valentine. 🙂 I should have got him a huge Hershey Kiss. Man, I’m an awful Valentine. It’s cute now but when the kids are older it will be awkward having all their friends wanting to be my Valentine mwhahahaha. I kid I kid.

Everyone should have something special so I even let our dog Trixie have one of the boys army men. She isn’t enjoying it as much as usual because I gave it to her and every time she starts chewing she looks at me wondering if it’s okay. I am even going to play fetch with my cat later. Of course that is more entertaining to me than him but he loves the attention.

So, Happy Valentine’s everyone!! I hope your day goes lovely and if you don’t get flowers I hope that you find some money on the ground, get to watch your DVR’d shows, someone gives you an army man to chew on, or plays fetch with you.

Funny Valentine's Day Ecard: This Valentine's Day, expect the finest flowers still available on Valentine's Day.

Husband how I heart thee..


First I want to say Happy Holidays everyone! Are you as ready as I am for them to be over? Ha ha. I kid I kid…sort of..

Anywho, my parents went way overboard this year and gave us a most awesome present.


It starts..

You know, honestly, I’ve seen toys that had more parts than this in way smaller boxes.


Midway through...


Ta da! Welcome to awesome!

Believe it or not it just took him an hour or so. He’s so good with this stuff. If it had been me doing it there would be legs coming from the top and it would bent from my frustration ha ha.


I guess we can retire ole blacky now.

Thank you parental units! I can’t wait to grill a steak!

A blog about murder…


Moving blows. There is no other way to explain it. Oh I can think of some words but for your sake I’m keeping it g rated.
You think the cleaning, un-packing, and getting all the lines and such sorted would be the horrors of it all BUT it isn’t. Ohhhhh noooo….

1. How about the scorpions? We have never had these before. My son got one on his hand and threw it down (duh reflex) and the little bastard (the scorpion not my son ha) got his leg. He got stung twice in a matter of seconds. Luckily, it wasn’t the crazy one (the little kid) and he cried about 5 minutes and was mad his dad was making him sit down with ice packs. Husband found a nest and doing things the red neck way (the only way we know) he poured gas and lit that nest on fire. Watching him over turn the rock trying to find the nest did give me a chuckle. I wasn’t about to do it so I’m glad he braved it out. We should have hung the little charred bodies around to warn other scorpions (if you aren’t from the South you probably won’t understand where I’m going with that).

2. So, while he is putting the wrath down on the nasty creatures what does he see? A spider. Not just any spider though no we wouldn’t be THAT lucky. It’s a Black Widow with babies. Lit her on fire too. Teach her to eat her mate.

3. Our grass was pretty high so he took it as an oppurtunity to take his shirt off (don’t worry we have no neighbors. I was glad he kept his pants on) and jumped on the mower (you just had a visual didn’t you). I hear him say my name and I walk to the door and he is holding a baby copperhead (its our fault for not keeping the grass down before we moved). I screamed of course but my husband that weird guy that was born without the fear bone he just shrugs.

4. Last night was my first night staying here while he was at work. I was freaked out anyways. Do you know how dark it gets when its dark? Well, anyways coyotes are in our yard yapping away and then what do I hear? Donkeys. Everyone has them but us and now I know why. They run coyotes off so you don’t have them outside your window keeping you up all night. I’m getting one of those. Trixie our pit and Skidmark were doing nothing but snoring snuggled up against me. Not even a bark or meow. They could have pretended to care.

5. I’m pretty sure I seen the biggest snake of my life down the road (thank goodness it was down the road) and I am pretty sure it was a rattle snake. If I were my husband I would have jumped out and showed my wife (nothing to make a day more fun than scaring her to death) but I’m not so I sat in my car and we stared one another down about 5 minutes before I slammed the gas and missed him completely.

It has been very interesting living at the foot of a mountain. All that I named above we had at our other place but we lived next door to my parents (what?) So people were always there and it was on very rare occurences well except the coyotes. We really do have an incredible place. I guess I’m just taking some time to adjust. As much as you can to the little creatures.