It’s a wee bit chilly…


and QVC has it’s hooks in me.

It’s been ice and snow since Thursday so we came and stayed with my mom since the husband is off working in Arkansas (literally freezing his well digger ass off). It hasn’t been horrible but I’ve had breakdowns (I won’t deny it).  I had to bring Goose and Zeus (very much outside puppies), their crates, Sis (very much an inside puppy), and of course my kiddos 🙂 and we’ve all been packed in since THURSDAY. Not to mention that my moms dogs (very much outside puppies also) have been brought inside part of the time and there has been no school since Wednesday and it’s out Monday too. I will say we still have electricity so that is very much a blessing! But I think we are all starting to feel a bit cramped in at this point.

I’ve been trying to keep entertained. I have read three books since Thursday, drank a lot of Bud Light, ate a ton of  stew, and snap chatted like a mad woman. I’m running out of ideas so I thought I would start catching up on reading some blogs! Hope everyone’s weekends were a bit more entertaining than mine!


He is loving the ice and snow! 


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  1. That sounds like a very entertaining way of spending time inside the deep freeze. Me? I’m heading down to Al Gore’s compound, so’s I can give him a piece of my mind. Steel toe boot style.
    Global warming my ass.

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