I understand now..


I went to Memphis last weekend with my sister and my mom. It was a blast. My husband was being super nice about me going and the night before I left I finally seen one reason why.


Our new family member Smokey. He is 5 months old and all puppy. He sends me this picture saying that Trixie and Smokey are getting on well.


I took this picture this morning. Sure, babe, they are getting on so well I want to shoot them haha. They love eachother (or are learning too). I’m glad my cat is declawed infront or I’m pretty sure he would take Smokey out in his sleep. He is a siamese you know. He’s ninja.


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  1. I called my daughter over when I read this post so she could see this guy. And she fell in love. Instantly. I’m not complaining in the least about it. Umm, Smokey doesn’t have a drivers license now, does he?
    Just checking . . .

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