I take offense…


Any time someone calls me names and I’ve been called a lot of names. It is like this sign is mocking me every time I take the kids to school and no matter how many times the kids see this sign they have to point it out..


It cracks me up. How hard could it be to take a sign down for a dip in the road that isn’t even there anymore?
I went to my parents today to get my dog and the county was mowing the side of the road. I can’t believe they are actually mowing. I’m glad they are but don’t look at me like I’m throwing your whole day off when I have to go around you. I drive a small car. Could you move slightly over so I don’t have to four wheel my car thru a ditch?
I also had to buy two new tires today. I got them at Walmart because they had them in stock. They were $78 each and my total came to $215. Yes, you do the math on that. I didn’t realize new tires didn’t come with valve stems.
I’m done complaining for the moment. I am so ready for my 2 days in Memphis this weekend. My Kindle may have died this week but I’m looking forward to rereading some books (yes actual books) so that I can finally read the last in the series.
Hope everyone is having a better week than I am. 🙂

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  1. In order to take down a sign, local officials have to convene. Then they must come up with a feasibility report as to the merits of taking the sign down rather than leaving it be. After this, if the vote comes back in favor of removing the sign, they must shop offers. Next comes the planning, then the scheduled removal date and finally, the predictable delays due to inclement weather, conflicting schedules, contract snags, etc.

    Yep, they’re all dipshits.

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