What does one do with their free time..


Well, it wasn’t really free time. I should have been cleaning house. Especially since my water company is awesome and they turn the water off randomly and today is the day it will be off for three hours. Don’t they know I have laundry? If they read my blog they would. Ha ha. Anywho, my parents bought a new side by side and it was in the 70’s yesterday so we spent our day riding in the mountains. Well, we call it the mountains but Oklahoma doesn’t have any mountains (that is your useless knowledge for the day). We used to have the largest hill but I think they found a taller one somewhere.
Okay, I’m done rambling. It’s time for pictures. Yay! 🙂

Mom taking pictures as we rode up.

We drive this creek bed all the time. I was surprised by all the water.

Can you see the bath tub? Out in the middle of nowhere. Cracks me up.

Slick Rock. Correctly named yesterday for sure.

My dad in his new ride.

All in all I don’t regret my choice to leave the confinements of my home and wander into the woody woods. I just wish the water would have been warm so I could have taken advantage of that bath tub. I kid I kid.

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