I don’t want to clean. It’s a never-ending horrible circle. If you think about it when you get really excited about finishing all the laundry unless you are naked you are not done at ALL. And if you are married to my husband with my two children then you are for sure not done. You have 10 lbs of mud coming to your washer at any given moment.

Well, I better get off here and get to cleaning. Maybe just maybe..I will get to enjoy it for a little bit before the heathens get home from school. Oh, I just had the best idea. We will leave as soon as they get home ha ha ha ha.


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  1. I go with the advice from to new mothers, although I haven’t been exactly new at it for 2 1/2 years: “Lower Your Expectations.” (And those of your family.) The alternative is eating take-out in the nude. And I’m just not good-naked anymore.

  2. Whenever I do washing I always take my socks off to add tot he wash, but you’re right, I hate it never ending. Washing is worst, hence I don’t ireon afterwards, washing is enough. But clenaing the house I love doing.

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