Mrs. Cranky


Last night husband says:
Will you set your alarm for 4 am? (I don’t mind setting it. I always do when he has to go to work.)

After a night of sleep Husbands alarm clock goes off at like 3 in the freaking morning. That is fine but then he rolls over turns his alarm off and ON goes the lamp. He trudges to the bathroom (leaving the lamp on) shuts the door and gets in the shower. I pass back out and then MY ALARM GOES OFF. Husband comes out of the bathroom, into the closet, flips the light on, dresses, and then sits on the end of the bed to pull on his socks. Turns all lights out and goes to the living room. About 30 seconds later I hear boots stomping through the house and he’s back in the room looking for I’m pretty sure his Leatherman (a multi tool knife that is attached at his hip (usually)). So, I tell him I love him and to be safe and he is out the door. It’s probably getting close to 4:30 am by now. He pulls his truck next to our bedroom window with lights shining and I have no idea what he is doing but it seems he is there forever before finally pulling down the driveway. I lay there and lay there. My dog comes and gets in bed with me and I suppose around 5ish I finally pass back out before having to get the boys up for school.

Say that it was me having to get up:

My alarm goes off I get up and use the light on my phone to try to make my way through the bedroom, stumping my toe at least 3 times, cussing under my breath, and before finally fumbling into my bathroom and shutting the door. Then stumping my toe (AGAIN) on the way to our closet, shutting the door, and then turning the light on and getting ready in the closet. Sneaking like a ninja out the door and I would be gone.

That is all.  I can’t gripe very much..I mean the man is getting up at 3 in the morning to drive 3 hours to work but I just wanted to point out the difference between my husband and I because I’m sleepy and cranky. 🙂



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