At the supermarket not to long ago as I was standing in line and I spotted People magazines best and worst issue. I don’t usually buy People because it’s not trashy enough for me but I was feeling frisky so I grabbed a copy.
Anyways, I’m reading through and I get to a section “Heroic Stars” and it is talking about how Kate Winslet carried Sir Richard Branson’s mom out of a burning home, Brad Pitt consoling a suicidal actor in a crowd, and how Ryan Gosling broke up a street brawl. BUT MY FAVORITE isn’t any of those, oh no, it is the Gwyneth Paltrow mention.
“In August a woman said Paltrow saved her on 9/11 by nearly hitting her SUV-delaying her commute to the World Trade Center.”
Really? Really People magazine? This is the best you can dig up? Were you just trying to put an even amount on the page? How can you compare Kate Winslet carrying a 90 year old woman out of a BURNING home to Gwyneth being a bad driver. I know the lady is thankful and she should be but I don’t think it made Gwyneth “heroic”. Maybe, I’m wrong…wait no I’m never wrong especially about this mwhahaha.


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  1. Hmm, so the lesson here is . . . if you rear end someone, you can offer a bit of comfort to them by letting them know you probably saved their life. People magazine is like Hallmark. Those writers are just stealing money.

  2. I remember reading something about that~not sure if it was People or what, but anyways I agree with you~”heroic” I don’t think so-
    That should be chalked up to the stars (actual stars in the sky-not celebrities) lining up just right and the moon and earths axis orbiting at the right time at the right moment-and maybe such a cosmic rhythm is what cause the bad driving idk-but yes I agree definetly not heroic!

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