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I was reading on Facebook the other day and I noticed that on my wall Blake Shelton had posted about losing a family member. I thought to myself, “myself, that is so sad”. I happened to glance down and that’s when I saw it-the “like” button had like hundreds of likes. Really? You like button hitting happy people-that is almost as bad as being a chronic updater. Pay attention to what you are “liking” so much.

“I wrecked my car this morning when I ran over my dog while taking my cat to the emergency vet for eating my canary.”
70 people like this

So, weird.


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  1. I am often wary on what to click ‘like’ on FB as well as on wordpress, just to avoid awkward situations where i might actually be ‘liking’ the wrong the wrong things 😦

  2. I kind of get it, that they want to let the person know they saw it and acknowledge the post, but I always thought that was weird and awkward too. The only times I hit the like button on those types of updates is when someone leaves a remembrance where they say something more positive, like, “Remembering Mom today – she was a wonderful person.” I still kind of feel odd about it, but I want to acknowledge the sentiment. I should say something nice, but I get mind-freeze in situations like that.

    • O I agree 100%. I just find it odd sometimes what people hit like on lol. I am the same when people put something to remember someone. I hit the like button bc what do you say.

  3. They should have choices other than “Like”…..Such as “Sympathize”, “Empathize” and most importantly “I didn’t read this at all, I just want to press a button”….
    Just saying.

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