What? Wwwhhatt? Whiskey?


Sorry I was quoting a bit of Hot Rod the movie.

I am looking around on the net today and seeing if I can find any good deals and I run into this..

Does this creep anyone else out?

Is this for real? Well, I know it is but it bothers me. There is just something so wrong about this picture. Hoodies for $15 from Abercrombie! Yes, please! No, I’m kidding. I feel like a pedophile even ordering from this site right now after seeing this picture. So creepy. I mean I am still ordering but I see why people are making such a fuss about Abercrombie. (I’m not really ordering by the way)

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    • Did u notice its a kid in the pic? His chest is better than mine when I was 18 lol. Plus there is something weird going on with that right breast. Their air brush ppl need to look b4 posting.

  1. umm wow…….no words. I honestly don’t know how they get away with some of this stuff. What kind of creeps were sitting in that board meeting looking at that presentation and selecting ‘eye candy’….gross.

    But on the upside….you know Hot Rod. Seriously, one of the best in my book! ‘He died instantly, the next day.’

    • It does make you wonder who comes up with the ideas and who picks the kids. That is what they are…kids.

      Omg! I love Hot Rod! I’ve been drinking green tea all g*d damn day. Lol. I try and get everyone to watch it and they just don’t appreciate it like they should.

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