Chainsaws and hot mommas..


For my dad’s Christmas all he wanted was a new chainsaw. He was so cute dropping hints and things around the house. The biggest hint being written on a sheet of paper (in all caps) with name, order number, and where she can buy it (subtle daddy).
She orders the chainsaw and I go with her to pick it up. She comes out carrying this huge orange case and a hat.
Mom: This must be a nice chainsaw.
Me: it must be if they give you a free hat. It was free right?
Mom: Yes but that’s not why. They handed it to me and before I could get out of the door I had about four men stop and ask me, “is that a present?” “Wow, tell me this is a Christmas gift!” “You are an awesome wife” etc.
I laughed and laughed because either it really is that impressive or my mom was looking especially hot carrying a 40 pound chainsaw through that store. I’m sure it was the hotness because I seen my dad making some googly eyes at her tonight when he received his present (don’t gripe he works Christmas so we have to work around schedules).


By the way dad I know a son-in-law who could use a sad old chainsaw!


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  1. HAHA! Awesome! I had the same thing happen when I picked up my husband’s shot gun for Christmas this year. Something about females being out of their element I guess. Men get turned on by some strange stuff lolz!

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