My kiddo…


My eldest son is the sweetest kid ever and I’m not one of those parents who brag and tell you how awesome my kids are (one of my favorite things about my youngest is how big of an ass he can be. Just like his daddy ha).
So, I am hoping one day he will be a heart breaker. There is only one reason for this. I am so scared for his heart being broken. He is only 8 so I have a little time but I’m already dreading it. Do you know what he told me he wanted for Christmas? A family day. On the way home from a parade today he told me, “thank you mom for one of the best days ever”. Crap, broken little heart pieces everywhere.
I do still have a glimmer of hope. I asked him what he would think if one day he had a little sister and he replied, “to replace, Shooter, (his little brother) yes!”. But if he does get his heart broken I guess I will deal with it or turn to his ass of a brother. 🙂

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