Late Shoppers…


My mom and I did the whole Black Friday shopping as usual but it was last-minute. Last year we got up at 3 a.m. and along with my friend Brookie made the trek and stood in line at Kohl’s for 2 hours. The only thing awesome about it was all the friends we made in line. The woman in front of us started out with like 50 items and by the time we got to the check out I think she bought a bracelet. She wasn’t hardcore enough for my taste. I’m not standing in line for 2 hours for a stinking bracelet. Everything was raped by the time we got to the other stores so this year we decided we weren’t going (well, our bank accounts decided we probably shouldn’t go).

Around noon my mom looked at me and I looked at her and we were off. Throwing my kids out of the car at their nannies house. It was pretty late to go shopping but we were bored. We did have one special moment walking around K-Mart. My mom and I were arguing over the cutest item I wanted my niece to have (I was having a 29-year-old tantrum because I had already gotten her gift) and there was a lady standing behind us looking haggard like she had been a good Black Fridayer and had gotten up at the butt ass crack of dawn and really was not in the mood for my mother and I’s antics. We were laughing and arguing all over the place. At some point my mom grabs a bag and hits me over the head with it. I turn and look a the cranky lady behind me and I thought she was going to take my mother and I both out. We just giggled and went on our merry way with no caboodle for my niece.

We did find adult feetie pajamas so the whole day wasn’t a total bust. 🙂

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