Thanksgiving + One Bathroom equals


trouble. Thanksgiving a time when my family gets together at my mom’s house and we eat a lot of food. Yummy food BUT there is one thing that is not so yummy about my mom’s house..

ONE BATHROOM for a lot of people. You never really think of it as a big deal until maybe something hits you (perhaps gravy, cheesecake, or a combination of both) and you need to go and it isn’t just YOUR family there that grew up with you and grew up sharing that ONE BATHROOM IN A TWO STORY HOUSE. There really is nothing you can do but suck it up, lock the door, hope you don’t have stage fright, and get out of there (hopefully one of the kids doesn’t run by and start gagging or pass out).

If this situation has ever happened to you then I have a wonderful new product that my very awesome friend Tara gave me for my birthday.

Spray the lou before No. 2 and no one will ever have a clue

Yes, it is very much a real product and no I didn’t make up the nifty little poem if you can’t read it on the bottle. You spray the water 4-6 times and it makes a lemon fresh scent and anything that goes through the water then the smell is locked in by the film you sprayed. Anything that doesn’t hit the water, well, that’s what fabreeze is for! They can’t solve everything in one little bottle. …..yet.

No. 2

Thanks my friend Tara. You are a genius and I love you girl. And you No. 2 spray..thank you for making holidays smoother for a lot of worried poopers out in the world that have been lucky enough to discover you. Now, if they just had a spray that formed a bubble around anyone using it and it silenced anything in the bubble maybe more worried poopers could tackle public restrooms.

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  1. I’ve seen this advertised before and thought, “Surely it can’t work.” Glad to know it does. Too bad I didn’t discover it back in my dating days. Would’ve come in handy!

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