Whoa there buddy…


I know I asked how you are doing but I didn’t really mean it. Is it just me or should you just say, “fine” and then go on about your day?
I was at the store today and this woman is loading my basket and she asks how I am doing. I do what you should always do and said good thank you but then I messed up. I ask her how she is doing. Do you know what she tells me (I am adding a little Nacho Libre flair here just to make it sound like I heard it).
“I am doing much better now that I have gotten rid of the diarreahs” (<—notice s on end is my Nacho imitation).
WHAT? REALLY? COME ON LADY! I asked for it I suppose. Its like calling my grandpa and asking him how he feels. I will never understand our elders fascination with all the colorful ways they can describe bowels.

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  1. While diarrhea can be funny (as in when someone is running to the can with their hand over the buhhole to try and hold it in) it’s not something you want to hear from someone handling your purchases.

    Once had a co-worker tell me she needed to go home because she had the diarrhea and was afraid she wouldn’t make it to the bathroom. Geesh, really? Just tell me your sick and need to go home. The visual of her running down the aisle (see in parens above) and not making it wasn’t funny.

  2. This is so funny! I work at a drug store, and when I’m on register, I’m asking people left and right, “how are ya’?”, “how’s your day?”, “how’s it going?” etc etc…

    And then I look down and they’re buying Pepto Bismol or Immodium AD…or a pregnancy test…or an enema…or tampons…or 5 kinds of cold medicine…or a douche…or… Well, you get the picture.

    I need a new greeting.

  3. umm that’s awesome….you must be one of those lucky people like me that get a full life story hahaha ‘ummm thanks lady but I’m pretty sure I asked how you were doing …. not your butthole.’ ha

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