Ahhhh….I panic…I’m that person..


Have you ever noticed in a crisis that dumb ass that runs around like their hair is on fire, screaming, and knocking small children down? That would be me. I’m horrible and I’m squemish to boot. I can NOT see blood. If my kids are bleeding I send them to my dad who is an RN. Of course his method of thinking is if you don’t actually have a bone hanging out of your skin then you are fine. I credit him for us being so tough but there was nothing he could do about my squemish stomach.
I had to tell you that before I told my story or you would think I am just a horrible person (I really am a horrible person).
So, my nephew (we’ll call him Mohawk) came over this past weekend to my moms house. We are outside and I’m loading my car and I hear this noise it didn’t really register at first then I hear my son telling my mom, “HE’S CRYING. HE’S REALLY CRYING”. I walk around her jeep and he turns and looks at me and I would like to say I jumped into action with alcohol (the rubbing kind, not the kind I really wanted) and helped my nephew. Ooooo noooo dumb ass panic person kicks in. Mohawk is standing there, crying, his face pouring blood down into his hand. I scream. Not just any scream “OHHHH MYY GOOOOOODDDD. WHAT HAPPENED! AHHH” (I know. I said I was awful. It took all I had not to pull my hair and run in circles). My moms face was horrified. She just looked at me and mouthed the words, “what the hell is wrong with you?”.
Poor Mohawk started crying even harder and looks at my mom and asks, “is my eye gone”. I had scared him so bad the kid thought his eyeball was laying on the ground somewhere. I feel awful at this point (as well I should) but I can’t look at him because I’m ready to faint and I say, “It just shocked me Mohawk. I’m not used to seeing you cry. I promise you still have an eyeball.”
Thankfully, my dad came home from work and saved the day. Mohawk had jumped on a limb and it popped him on the eyelid cutting it open (just for those that are wondering what happened). It’s funny because my oldest son was trying to help Mohawk (they are best friends) and he kept getting sick because apparently squemish bellies are an inherited trait. You’re welcome son.


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  1. So glad that Mohawk is ok and it wasn’t more serious, I can only imagine how bad it looked to you though. I’m like Bridget, I can’t handle vomit but I could look at blood all day long, doesn’t bother me, and I usually watch them when they are taking my blood for testing, instead of turning my head like others do. Guess that’s why we all have such different personalities/likes and such!! Was a very interesting story though, always love reading your stories, Sara!!!

  2. You fill a very important niche. You act out how everyone else is actually feeling. If you weren’t there, they would ALL act that way, and Mohawk would still be looking for his eyeball on the sidewalk.

  3. Mohawk aka Michael has been very accident prone lately. He looks a little like Rocky after losing a fight and can only see out of one eye due to swelling BUT does still have both eyes, thank goodness. Your mom told me about your panic attack, it cracked me up. Michael told me “mom you better be glad you were not there or you would have puked”. This made me laugh because I see lots of blood in my career and have not once got sick. Puke, poop and suctioning ptns still make me a little nauseated, oh and Dentures gross me out completely but Im good with blood.

  4. So glad I ventured on – this one had me laughing! I have the opposite of panic, something inside me just locks down (it’s like magic) and I’m calm to an almost unemotional level. Honestly, you would think I didn’t even care what was happening. It’s all, “Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do, now you go get a clean cloth, you go call 911, I’ll pick up the eyeball, everything will be just fine.” Totally matter of fact and monotone. But then I get the shakes when it’s all over. I could so picture your panic-stricken screaming, and I’m sorry, but it was pretty funny.

    I’m glad Mohawk was okay, though. The face just bleeds a lot, lots of tiny vessels all over the face – makes for a pretty scary and dramatic scene, but it’s usually not nearly as bad as it appears.

    I don’t mind other people’s blood, but I get woozy if it’s my own blood. Not sure why, except maybe that, if I’m seeing my own blood, then that means I’m bleeding.

    • Its ok to laugh. When we were telling Mohawks mom she laughed. Cracks me up everytime I think about it. Things are interesting around here. Your comment at the end about blood made me giggle and giggle. ๐Ÿ™‚

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