A blog about murder…


Moving blows. There is no other way to explain it. Oh I can think of some words but for your sake I’m keeping it g rated.
You think the cleaning, un-packing, and getting all the lines and such sorted would be the horrors of it all BUT it isn’t. Ohhhhh noooo….

1. How about the scorpions? We have never had these before. My son got one on his hand and threw it down (duh reflex) and the little bastard (the scorpion not my son ha) got his leg. He got stung twice in a matter of seconds. Luckily, it wasn’t the crazy one (the little kid) and he cried about 5 minutes and was mad his dad was making him sit down with ice packs. Husband found a nest and doing things the red neck way (the only way we know) he poured gas and lit that nest on fire. Watching him over turn the rock trying to find the nest did give me a chuckle. I wasn’t about to do it so I’m glad he braved it out. We should have hung the little charred bodies around to warn other scorpions (if you aren’t from the South you probably won’t understand where I’m going with that).

2. So, while he is putting the wrath down on the nasty creatures what does he see? A spider. Not just any spider though no we wouldn’t be THAT lucky. It’s a Black Widow with babies. Lit her on fire too. Teach her to eat her mate.

3. Our grass was pretty high so he took it as an oppurtunity to take his shirt off (don’t worry we have no neighbors. I was glad he kept his pants on) and jumped on the mower (you just had a visual didn’t you). I hear him say my name and I walk to the door and he is holding a baby copperhead (its our fault for not keeping the grass down before we moved). I screamed of course but my husband that weird guy that was born without the fear bone he just shrugs.

4. Last night was my first night staying here while he was at work. I was freaked out anyways. Do you know how dark it gets when its dark? Well, anyways coyotes are in our yard yapping away and then what do I hear? Donkeys. Everyone has them but us and now I know why. They run coyotes off so you don’t have them outside your window keeping you up all night. I’m getting one of those. Trixie our pit and Skidmark were doing nothing but snoring snuggled up against me. Not even a bark or meow. They could have pretended to care.

5. I’m pretty sure I seen the biggest snake of my life down the road (thank goodness it was down the road) and I am pretty sure it was a rattle snake. If I were my husband I would have jumped out and showed my wife (nothing to make a day more fun than scaring her to death) but I’m not so I sat in my car and we stared one another down about 5 minutes before I slammed the gas and missed him completely.

It has been very interesting living at the foot of a mountain. All that I named above we had at our other place but we lived next door to my parents (what?) So people were always there and it was on very rare occurences well except the coyotes. We really do have an incredible place. I guess I’m just taking some time to adjust. As much as you can to the little creatures.


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  1. Here’s a tidbit that may make you feel better. Copperhead adults give a “dry bite” about 50% of the time. And if they do envenomate, most people never need an antivenin. Unless you’re allergic to bees, But you want the snakes around to keep down the rats. Now you’ll sleep better tonight. You’re welcome.

    Hope you get settled in soon.

    • They don’t really bother me as long as I don’t see them ha ha. They are awful in Oklahoma. And I am allergic to bees lol. I will try and keep my distance. Its the babies you have to watch for.

  2. I wouldn’t be able to handle all of that, Sara…..I don’t like any of those things and after having been bit by 2 brown recluse spiders myself, I stay completely away from spiders or freak out when I see one. Luckily my husband keeps our home sprayed better now so I don’t have to look at those pesky things until the spray starts wearing off I guess, then he has to spray again!!! A never ending cycle, but I did tell him that if I ever see a snake, we’re moving. So far I haven’t, and he’s only seen one baby grass snake, but I’m ok since I didn’t see it. You must be able to tolerate things like that lots better than me, because I sure couldn’t handle it. Good luck, and watch those babies of yours very carefully!!!

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