Smallish town..


Ok I am from a very small town of like two thousand people or something like that. I found out the other day our town has a gang. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? And they are torturing our poor town.
I think we should hunt them down and spank them. Just imagine it in your head! Everytime I think about it I get into a fit of giggles. In Oklahoma it’s like a time warp-everything gets here years later so when I picture them I see boom boxes and pants on the ground. I say we get a possee together and spank them. Not in a weird way but like our mommas used to do. I would have NEVER broke the law because I had the fear of God put into me by my mom and dad.
I know it’s a little crazy but we can think on it awhile before they figure out big boom boxes are super heavy and they can run faster without them.

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  1. I have a couple dozen peeps at the ready to bust some heads. Or at least tilt them sideways for a couple hours. Okay, we’d slap them hard enough to where they’d need a couple Advil.
    Not sure that’s gangstah enough for ya, but it’s all I gots.

    • I appreciate the back up. I have a plan of leaving a lot of change lying around in the seats and such and when they break in to steal the change (yes they steal change. We are a poor small town ha ha) I’m going to give them a wedgie and have my husband spank them lol.

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