The looks you get when you walk in the hardware store and ask for a shovel, pick axe, hack saw, and you pay with your husbands wallet.
Don’t worry my husband is fine (for now) but this digging lines for your water etc is for the birds.
Mental Breakdowns
Shooter-hasn’t stopped (the kid is not accepting change at all)
Husband-Maybe one when he was digging the electric line and cut the water line.
All in all its going pretty well and I thought I would let everyone know that is one reason I haven’t blogged lately and why I haven’t been reading blogs lately. Have no fear I will catch up soon!



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  1. Yipes! burying the electric line and getting close to the water line? doesn’t sound safe 😦

    I wish I could of seen the expression on the warehouse clerk when you asked for those lol!!

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