My Mom….


You would have to know her and if you DID know her you would absolutely love her. She is a blast in a glass (as so eloquently put on JS). She has never been blonde but sometimes I wonder….

One day she was at Wal-Mart and they had all this KY heating lube on sale. Well, she has a light bulb moment and buys all of this close out lube because in her head she thinks it will be incredible on her feet. When that didn’t work out she tried to give them as Christmas presents. Imagine how weird it would have been getting an opened bottle of lube from your mother. Have no fear we stopped her for my brothers sake.

So, your lesson for the day is KY heating lube only heats with friction and not the kind your socks give you.


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    • O get this..she defended herself on Facebook about this blog..
      “Hey missy they were gift sets and in the cutest boxes and who could pass up gift sets like that when they were only a couple of dollars a piece”

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