Caramel Nachos…


Don’t look at my blog like that. I have no life these past 2 days so I’ve been trying some stuff out.

Notice the sad little empty koozies to the side....

I sent my husband a picture and he said to quit wasting his money on something this disgusting. I was flabbergasted, I was insulted, would I be deterred? Hells no. 🙂 Then he asked me what kind of chips could POSSIBLY be good with caramel and then I understood his misinterpretation of my masterpiece and I forgave him for the blasphemy of my baking.

The recipe I pulled from a pin on pinterest. I made it the way they said too but I would definitely change a few things.

You need:

3-4 Granny Smith Apples
Lemon Juice (I used fresh lemons and squeezed them but a bottle of lemon juice would be a lot less trouble)
Caramel (I have to melt my own. The crap that you buy in the container is just not the same)
Marshmallow Creme (This is where I change the recipe. Mine came out to buttery when I tried the marshmallows and butter in a pan like the original recipe)
Chocolate Chips or whatever you want to sprinkle on top

Core and slice your apples (Again, I bought a corer because I’m super lazy and love the easy way out)
Dip them in lemon juice or sprinkle right away (Keep the apples from turning brown)
Melt your marshmallow creme (I usually put it in the microwave at like 30 seconds a time, spray my spatula with non stick cooking spray, and stir)
Melt caramel (I melt mine on the stove)
Drizzle, top them, and serve. I tried refrigerating mine but it makes the marshmallow hard to mess with.

It's messy and lovely.


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