This is very odd of me…


I don’t usually do this but sometimes when you have a sweet attack and you have very few ingredients on hand and you just want a cookie; this might just save your day!  I will give you the easiest way to make the cookie referred to as Peanut Butter Cookie.

1 c. peanut butter

1 c. sugar

1 egg

Preheat oven @ 350 degrees

Mix your crap together (taste it. Don’t be scared of salmonella. This isn’t your first time admit it. Okay, if you taste it you can’t blame me if you get salmonella. You are a grown up. You made your choice)

Drop them by spoonfuls on pan and smash with fork so they get that authentic peanut butter look (O you might want to spray your pan with your  cooking spray)

Cook for about 12 minutes (I’m guessing on the time. You know how to cook cookies. When they are still a little doughy take them out of the oven and let them finish while cooling on the stove top)

Peanut butter cookie time!!

You will also need milk. Eat a cookie while they are still hot and drink milk with them. Yummy. Makes one dozen (for those that aren’t sure what that is it’s 12) for more cookies just double up on the crap mentioned up top.

ENJOY! I swear I won’t make this a habit posting this kind of stuff that makes me look all domesticated and stuff.


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    • Yes, it doesn’t even matter how much you drink while you make it. You might have an egg shell here or there but you couldn’t mess it up that much. Maybe 🙂

  1. You drink while baking? Hmm, I’m ashamed to say I’ve never done that before. Cooking, yes . . but never baking.
    But you have inspired me now. So this weekend, I’m gonna make a boatload of cookies whilst dipping into the good stuff. Maybe that’s why I was never any good at baking, I wasn’t trying hard enough!

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