So shameful…My obsessions…


1. Real World

2. Awkward

3. Skins

4. Teen Mom

5. The Challenge Shows

6. My Life As Liz

7. Yes, even….Jersey Shore

Feels so good to get that out. I know that you may think different of me now but I can deal with this because I know my husband still loves me even though he refuses and makes fun of me for watching any of the shows mentioned above.


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  1. Jersey Shore…Ok, I’ll admit it. i watch it when nobody is here to see me watching it. I can’t watch it when Sweety and the boys do. When the take people to “smush” I have to excuse myself.

    You give me a Toddlers & Tiaras marathon followed by Bridezillas & my butt will grow to the couch.

    • I didn’t even mention how much I LOVE Bridezillas!!! I was just putting my MTV love out there lol. I haven’t watched Toddlers & Tiaras but I did watch that Dance Mom and ppl said it didn’t have anything on T&T and that scares me for those babies!

  2. I don’t have cable so I’m a bad judge. Outside of Skins, Real World and Jersey Shore, I am completely clueless. And besides that, I’m a bad judge of shows, period. Cause when I did have cable, I never missed an episode of Man v Food, 1,000 Ways to Die or that show on Tru TV about “Worlds Worst Fill In The Blank” starring all those B listers who comment on a top 20 list of bad stuff.

    When I do have the occasion to watch cable now, my absolute favorites are those Lizard Lick towing guys and Hardcore Pawn.

    • We lived without cable for like 6 months…we did really well. We had to get it back b/c Winter hit and we get a lot of ice storms …Stuck inside way to much. You would LOVE Swamp Wars. It is awesome. I love Man V Food too. I can’t believe some of he crap America serves!! OOoooo he should go to another continent. That would be interesting!

  3. I had to laugh: this is my first visit to your blog and sometimes first visits take me to the About page. I don’t watch much reality tv and I thought this was a list of your character and life, until I got to the last one!


  4. Sara – for reals your blog is tripping me out……like my long lost soul mate! hahah I kid I kid I love awkward. Umm matty mckibben = delicious

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