My mother…


Is always that annoying gnat in my ear being the voice of reason. Honestly, Owen needs that pair of Nike’s for a million dollars not the knock offs for twelve bucks.
If she doesn’t stop trying to put that nonsense in my head I’m going to start doing what the Eskimos did and sit her on a block of ice and float her out into the sea. Well, probably an air mattress on the lake because you can’t find any of the said things I mentioned above but I will do it lady.



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  1. I have to side with your Mom. The boys are super picky about their shoes and husband lets them be that way. I had a tiny meltdown shoe shopping with them one year and bought some cheap Nikes. They started squeaking really loud the first time the kid wore them and you couldn’t walk through a dewy yard without water soaking through.

    Now, I let all the men go shoe shopping alone. I can’t handle the pickyness. As someone who got her school shoes at WalMart, going to a dozen different stores and searching through row after row of expensive shoes? Makes me want to stab their my eyes out.

    Done hijacking your comments. Boys and shoe shopping touches a nerve with me.

    • Ha ha…My boys aren’t teens so I don’t have to go through that. One shoe store is all I can handle. People act like crazy idiots in shoe stores. I grew up on Walmart and Payless and I still buy shoes there. πŸ™‚

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