1. I hate being licked by a dog.

2. I hate being licked by a cat even more than I hate being licked by a dog. *shivers* sand paper tongue…in the words of Nacho Libre “Get that tongue outta my face” <–I actually said that out loud with my hick-Spanish accent. It’s not actually the real line but it works.

3. I have severe road rage (without actually chasing anyone down). I am scared of getting massacred though so I like to throw my fists up instead of my fingers.

4. I have given my child severe road rage.

5. I hate being pulled over with my kid in the car. The last time I was so stressed I yelled at him to just give mommy a minute to let the warning sink in and he told me the cop could arrest me for yelling at my child.

6. Spongebob drives me insane but when I redid my kids bathroom I did it in Spongebob. I’m a glutton for punishment.

7. Spongebob is playing right now in front of my face. <–Get that Spongebob outta my face.

8. I am becoming a crazy animal person. I find myself telling stories about my animals and the whole time I’m in my head screaming to stop the insanity but I can’t stop once I start. I have to finish the story unless I get distracted and forget what I’m talking about.

9. It drives me crazy to forget what I’m talking about.

10. It drives me nuts that my kid was just watching a commercial and he was said “Dude, I have to have that. What is that?” and after the commercial was over he said “Mom, I really need that. What was it? Do you know what that was”. Really? No. (He did say “dude” and I have appreciation for that but he’s still not getting the toy)

It’s been a crazy day and I just thought I would air some of my frustrations out to the world.

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  1. My cat shares in my affection for beer. He doesn’t bother licking me, but instead looks for ways in which to get his drink on. Knocking it over ‘accidentally’ and then lapping up the mistake is one of his moves.
    I’m a recovering RoadRage-Aholic, however Sponge Bob is always good for a murderous thought.
    I forget where I was going with this comment, so I guess I’ll plead the 9th.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about SpongeBob. That stupic song! “Who lives in a pinapple under the sea”—I always sing that line with contempt and in a stupid voice.

  3. Thanks for the giggles. I also hate the licks from cats and dogs, especially when they lick my toes. Argh…I really have a pet peeve…ha ha, very punny….I hate it when people take dogs to restaurants, even if it is on an outdoor patio…Please stop it people. I don’t want to smell a mangy dog while I am trying to enjoy my meal. Look what you have done Sara…Now I am frustrated too. LOL

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