Poor child of mine..


Today was the first day of school for my boys and the first day of school in a new school. It was a very nerve wracking morning for us all. Shooter is such an ass in the mornings when he gets up. He is one and the same with his dad. Owen gets up and he is all smiles (I wish I could say he got that from me but sadly it’s his nanna) So, this morning my husband had to go to work before any of us had gotten out of bed and he warns me Trixie left a present right infront of the door. I warn the boys as we head out the door. It’s not a present. It’s a massacre-a poop massacre. Not only did the husband pick the rug up and sling it out on the porch, he had stepped in it, left part of it inside, wiped his huge man boot all over the porch including down the freakin’ steps! So, Owen is all dressed up and trying to look good and he jumps from the steps to miss the poo and …

notice the jeans...

Face plows into the grass only to be mauled with Trixie lovin’s. I swear it never fails in our family. We are a clumsy little family even though we mean well. 🙂

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