New member of the McLinden Clan


We have a new family member as of yesterday-

Introducing Trixie

“I’m a sweetheart but I have a severe under-bite and get very car sick. I get attacked by Skid Mark every 10 seconds or so. I’m pretty sure I have a face only a mother could love or I’m so cute I’m ugly. “

Bless my heart...

I really hate that stupid cat and when my teeth gets caught up in my under bite.”

What Skid Mark thinks of Trixie and also Tara.

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  1. Lord that dog is ugly I mean in a cute way Louie if you guys ran an ad for a pet it would read looking for uggggggly pet to adopt lol of course mine and eds would say looking for pet if they do not know what they are thats ok because we always name them things like girl dog, Steve dog, Mamma kitty this way they do not suffer a identiy crisis oh and red dog just got a basset her name is Abby thinking about calling her Abbie cat just to confuse her.

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