It’s a bird, it’s a plane…


For those of you that follow my blog you will remember a certain blog posted a few days ago about a mysterious “something” in my child’s ear. Well, we went to the doctor today (a different one) and they looked in Owen’s ear and asked him what he could have possibly shoved down his ear. The child is terrified so you know his answer. Nothing. The doctors and nurses were so funny. They were taking bets on what it was. One thought paper, another thought a plastic piece, and my favorite guess was a tracking device. They sent us to the ear doctor and they proceeded to ask him all sorts of questions-if he smokes, drinks alcohol, is he abused, and if he does drugs. This child has had a dramatic week. I won’t even mention he’s eight and they checked him for a HERNIA at his physical. Yes, the whole turn your head and cough ordeal. Oops, did I mention that?

Okay, so enough of the story and on with the point.

So, cute and nervous all rolled into one handsome man.

The doctor and nurse were cracking me up but it wasn’t working on Owen. So, the doc gets his little alligator tiny tweezers and lo and behold..

A freakin' piece of paper

All of this...because of this.

It had been in his ear so long it was actually attached to his ear drum. Have no fear it’s out and we are putting nothing else in our nose or ear.


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  1. OMG!!!!! It’s probably been in there so long he doesn’t remember he did it! So really he was telling the truth about him putting NOTHING in his ears! So please do not beat him Sara! Stop abusing this child and giving him alcohol!!! LOL!

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