Money, money, money….


Why do I have this picture of dimes you ask?

A few months ago my son comes home from school and he is cheerful and happy as usual but you can tell something is on his mind. I ask him..

Me: Hey, buddy what’s up? How was school?

Owen: School was fine. Hey, can I have a go-gurt? I have a dime stuck in my nose.

Me: Sure yo…WHAT?

Yes, he wasn’t lying. It is a dime stuck down in his nostril. HE’S EIGHT!

Me: Owen, how HOW did you get a dime stuck down your nostril? (I mean it is DOWN in his nostril. The only way I can see it is when he blows his nose and it surfaces but it’s still down there)

Owen: Mom, I fell on it.

I am so mad. I call my dad (he is a R.N.) and he comes over and tells me I’ll have to take him to a specialist. I’m furious with Owen. I’m sure this happens a lot. I mean …REALLY? I go to change clothes to take him to the doctor and I guess my dad feels sorry for him somehow manages to get it out. So, we give Owen the lecture about sticking things where they don’t belong and how I will take him out if he does it again. That day his hero, his granddad, saved the day.

SOOOOO, yesterday I take him to get a physical for football season (a 5 dollar physical) and lo-and-behold what does she find while checking his ears? We don’t know because we can’t tell what it is. It’s blue and plastic. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! We get to go to another doctors appointment AND an Ear/Nose/Throat Specialist. I don’t know if you seen when I mentioned earlier that he’s EIGHT. Of course we have no clue how this ended up in his ear. He’s pretty sure he was sleeping and it somehow ended up in his ear.

Pray for him. He needs it because momma is not happy. πŸ™‚


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  1. At first I felt for the kid because, well, I fall all the time. But you know, I’ve never fallen on a dime and gotten it stuck anywhere.

    I love how he just paired it with asking for yogurt like it was no big deal.

  2. okay i cannot remember how old i was…(my guess old enough to know better) but i stuck TWO beads up my nose-then panicked when i stuck my finger in there to get them out and they only went further and further up the little nostril canals! so i woke my mom up from a nap (now that im a parent i can totally see why she was so pissed-cause how rare are naps!) so anyways i wake her up and the only thing i remember was her saying “well SHIT april….now im gonna have to drive you all the way to talihina!”

    so once the wrath of laurie came upon me i panicked even more and through myself into a sneezing fit and both beads shot out at an incredible force (almost so incredible i thought about putting them back in to watch it all again!) but i refrained. i cannot recall if my mom layed back down to finish out that nap or not-im thinking probably not and im pretty sure i shaved about 6 years off her life in that 30 seconds of bead pandamonium!

    so please sara (no h) do NOT be so hard on Owen…i mean really they’re itty bitty holes on your body and you find itty bitty things to stick in them….okay yea i can see where that could get dangerous-so how about telling him EVERY night his mother is going to come in his room with a flashlight and check his ear/nose/and throat-even when his friends are there! maybe that will get him to stop……if that doesn’t make him stop the next time you go in his room with said flashlight….tell him to drop em (then flick on your flashlight all crazy) i bet that will stop it!!!

    Love you girl!

  3. ooops .. Reminds me of myself What all i got up to when i was a kid ..

    kids get such things thats what they do πŸ™‚
    relax I hope the docs got the blue thingy out …

  4. LMAO @ “I fell on it.”

    Tell him to use his bellybutton as a hidey-hole. At least it’s shallow.

    Please, let us know what he mystery item in his ear is!

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