My husband and I play fight all the time and a big part of it is done on Face Book while sitting in the same room. I’ll type something and watch his face quietly, waiting for him to read what I have written and he does the same. It’s been sooooo hot here lately and my husband is NOT one to just sit around and it’s driving him crazy because it’s been a lot of sitting inside and trying to stay cool. So, yesterday we entertained ourselves for at least ten minutes.

My husband posts on Face Book: this hot weather just makes me wanna s@$# and rub it in my hair
(He reads my blog. He knows that I have already stolen this from him) 

I comment on his status: Hey I think I copy righted that in my blog!
(You have all seen my douche bag warning on my page. I’m not messing around. I’m not saying that I just called my husband a douche bag but I might have)

Husband: U got it from me tho skank!

Me: Doesn’t matter you didn’t have a patent on it.
(I’m married to him. I do believe I would know something like this)

Husband: always trying to steal my glory u already got my youth money and my happiness what else do u want
(I read this and just laughed and laughed and laughed)

Me: Your soul
(I laughed even harder after this. Hey, Louie was sitting right in his recliner laughing away too. Yes, we were in the same room)

Husband: U Got it last week you blood sucker
(I will admit I got a little confused on this)

Me: Don’t make me put the cat on your face while you sleep.
(At night we both lay awake waiting for Skid Mark to attack. When he jumps on the bed we both lay perfectly still and barely breathe. We lay there with our feet, hands, and most of our heads covered until he wears himself out and passes out but when he attacks husband it’s so funny to hear a big macho man scream. It makes us giggle)

Husband:  dont u bring that crazy ass cat into this if he scratches me one more time i am getting the toe nail clippers after his ass
(While writing this blog I have been viciously attacked at least eight times and he’s eyeing my fingers typing at this moment and about to pounce) 

Me: I would threaten to get them after you but you would like that.
(My fingers have been attacked twice since I wrote the above sentence and while proof reading this Skid Mark fell over on the table and passed out)

I have a good time with my husband. I think that is part of his charm. We have a lot of fun together.
(And Skid Mark is back to attacking) 


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