Random #2


With everything going on I thought today would be a good time for my randomness that is me every day.
1. Cats are like men. As soon as you clean the toilet (or litter) box they must run in and use them right away. Things just aren’t right if we don’t have “poop prints” as my son Owen calls them.
2. Don’t forget you have a phone. These days with face book and texting we forget that sometimes people need us face to face or to hear our voice. It may be awkward for you but it’s not about you. Show them what they deserve.
3. I know a guy who coughs every time he cleans his ears with q-tips. As a matter of fact you aren’t supposed to stick them in your ear. Soap and water people. Soap and water.
4. Don’t wallow in self-pity. It’s so easy to sleep and feel sorry for yourself but things can always be worse. Get your ass (hee hee I said ass) out of bed and live and laugh every moment possible. Only you can pick yourself up (you know what I mean).
5. A half a cup of baking soda and a half of cup of vinegar will clean your drains (works much better then my experience with the banana facial). Plus, you get to watch it fizz like the volcanoes you made in grade school. I watch it every time with fascination.
6. I think I have a lot in common with gypsy’s. Yes, I said it. I love anything sparkly and shiny. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I see jewelry. They call it their “Versace look” now I wouldn’t go as far to decorate the same but I can respect them for being them.
7. This one is hard for me to say. I don’t even know if I will post it. Screw it. I like techno (you read that right). Not a lot but I do. I love to dance and this big girl can dance. Don’t think I can’t make it to the floor and back up again. I credit the ballet and tap I took all those years as a kid.
8.  Don’t be all judgey of people. You don’t know what life they are living and it’s not your life so, honestly, why do you care? It makes you look insecure so stop it. You are never going to know the whole story unless you are them or you were there. Get over yourself. I’m sure you have done things you aren’t proud of. Trust me I know. I wasn’t there but I’m sure I know. 🙂
9. You can learn a lot from your kids (or someone else’s kids for that matter). They are so free and innocent. My son Owen everywhere we go he will say “I wonder how many friends I can make today.” He drives me nuts but you have to admire that. I can say I have never heard an adult say that. You can take that kid to Hooters and he’ll have every waitress in their catering to those sparkly blue eyes. Who can blame them? Those blue eyes are so shiny.
10. Don’t give your kids fiber gummies when you are taking a trip. You want them to be healthy and get their vitamins and such but use common sense when it comes to fiber.

That is all I gave for you today. Sorry for any errors I’m posting from my phone and have no clue how to proof read on it (unless its manual and who wants to do that).
I’m excited to be posting and I have no idea why I kept coming back to “fiberish” stories but if you can find humor in any part of life then you are doing a good job in my eyes.

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