Bonus random tiddly…


If you have EVER been on Cops don’t brag about it (unless you were the cop) and especially do not brag if you were naked and on Cops. Sucks to be you naked dude that the Cops just drug through the grass and gravel.

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  1. OH MY GOSH I so needed that laugh! Crack me up! I was at moms the other day and Kason was having a little bit of a meltdown so I was putting him in timeout while the “bad boys bad boys” song was playing….so I admit as he sat there for 5+ minutes I watched it! And it cracks me up b/c the bad guys pants always end up half way around his butt so his crack is showing-then the cops make him sit indian style and you know poor guy can’t breath! so the whole time im thinking “oh you cant breath that looks so uncomfortable….well maybe you shouldn’t have been smoking the hash out of a pipe on the swingset of a schoolyard”

    • lol…I just watched a guy laying on the cement with his pants down around his knees and a belt on! I told Louie if he wasn’t nice I was going to hire that guy to sit on his face at night lol. We love Cops. I guess it makes us feel at home ha ha.

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