Crappy Creative Crafter (and her mom) strikes again!


This past weekend I went to a friends “hen” party at the Hard Rock Casino. It was a blast. I love that place! I don’t even gamble it is just an awesome place. Well, my mom and I hadn’t bought our gift and we were drinking coffee the morning before we left and I had an epiphany!

Our Fruit roll ups melted

We are so brilliant

We thought it was so funny. We bought a big pair of panties and covered them in fruit rolls up and cut a hole in the crotch for edible crotchless panties. The panties looked brilliant! Then we folded them wrong and the fruit roll ups were touching and they melted on the way to our room. I think it added a little something with them sticking together and not covering the whole panty don’t you think?

We didn’t want to be cheap so we made a top to go with the panties so she would have an outfit! Nipple covers! See we took band aids and attached tassels (for a little pizzazz) and connected with a chain (Otherwise it would have been just trashy looking).  Oh, and I forgot to show you the card!

Fancy Card

The hotel was nice enough to leave one in the room for us to use! We were going to test the fruit roll ups out when we got back from the bar but forgot. It was so much fun to make them and to give them to her.

Don’t worry..We did buy her something pretty! That is for her to know and not the world though ha. It was such a good time and a big congrats to my good friend on her upcoming wedding!!


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    • I thought we were crafty. I wish we could have gotten a picture b4 they melted but she wouldn’t let me take pictures while we were driving through Tulsa. I don’t know what her deal was…;)

  1. Bwahahahaha! This is hilarious!

    For some reason, the photo of your finger poking through the drawers disturbs me…but I keep looking at it to try and figure out why.

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