Are you ready? For me to blow your mind with random?


Twice in one day? Yes, I posted twice in one day but to be fair the first one was a re-post because it’s AWESOME.

So, I thought for my blog I would just tell you random bits of crap. Crap I say because it’s really not anything important just a good dose of randomness and useless knowledge-Be prepared to get your mind blown away.

1. I never blog about my son Owen because he’s complete opposite of my son Shooter. Even their names give their personalities away. Shooter is the guy that will pee in a crowded parking lot and Owen is the guy that comes along and writes him a ticket ha ha.

Yes, I have a point. It was bible school week and Owen told me last night he got to go to the “Jesus Store”  pronounced “Jeee-SUS”. It was so funny and cute.

2. Lizzie Borden was acquitted after only sixty-six minutes of deliberation and all charges were dropped. You remember “Lizzie Borden took an ax..”. Sounds like our court system today eh.

3. I love frosted shredded wheats. I am talking I love them and the only problem with that is so does all of my family. One box lasts like three days so I will admit that some times I hide the last of the box. I wake up early in the morning and eat my bowl in peace with a cup of coffee and I feel so sneaky and conniving and alive but at the same time so guilty.

4. I know most people know this already but it continues to boggle my mind. The black box on a plane? Yeah, it’s not actually black. It would be a little hard to find if it were.  I’m sure a man named it “black box” – always trying to make things more difficult aren’t ya? (sorry guys it was just so easy. I don’t actually know who named it that)

5. Always a bridesmaid never a bridesmaid. I’ve been kicked out of two weddings. I’m not insulted I just think it’s funny to tell people that. (I still feel horrible for not being in one of my very good friends wedding to this day I am so sorry Manasha<–don’t worry that’s half of a nickname). I have been in weddings..and I don’t know why I keep explaining this. I’ve ruined the funniness ha.

So, there is some randomness for you. I wrote it because that is how I feel today. I’m going to a “hen” party tonight (yes, Tara I did use a British term :)) and I can not wait to show you pictures of what my mom and I have created. I always call myself a crappy crafter but I’m creative and paired with my mom we are unstoppable mwhahahaha. So don’t pee your pants with excitement …or do and tell me about it later so I can blog about it. 🙂


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    • Awe I love my faithful friend (I totally mentioned you in this one lol) and I really love you always comment. Thank you! You know how I doubt everything I write so it’s nice to see you enjoy. 🙂

  1. I love love love reading your blogs! You are too funny! I do want to thank you for being in my wedding! You are a great bridesmaid and a great friend. I am getting emotional writing this for some reason 😥 I miss you and love you!

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