Do Not Fear…I have decided on a name..


I have something I’d like to say before I make my announcement. I recently adopted a cat (not my first round with trying to have a cat I have tried owning several). I do not have the best luck with cats (RIP Lil’ Peep and Furball *pours some Bud Light on the ground “for my homies”). I always blame their disappearances or accidental deaths outside on my husband even if he were in Canada I would find a way for it to all fall on his shoulders. 

I was so excited about getting this new kitty. We decided to try a boy because we haven’t had the best luck with girl kitties and my sister in laws sister had some Siamese she was trying to give away. I’ve always wanted one. I beg and beg my husband and he finally relents and tells me I can have one (even though he knows if something happens it will somehow all be on his shoulders once again). So, my sister-in-law picks the kitty and brings it to me. This cat…it’s just …I’ll tell you how my husband described him when I sent him a picture.

Husband: It looks like it came from years of inbreeding and what is with his face? It looks like you wiped your ass with it (one of the many reasons I love my husband. He has many colorful ways of explaining things).

Me: We love it and you will love it too.

I don’t love it, well, I should say I didn’t love it at first. He’s really annoying. He’s all legs like a new-born colt and his hair feels like the itchiest material you could ever touch. He meows constantly at a ridiculous decibel, wakes me up in the middle of the night to let him off my bed, just to wake me up a little later to put him back on the bed. Last night I was trying to go to sleep and he flew from the end of the bed, batted with his humongasaur paws (did I mention they are HUGE)  at my face about 50 times with a ridiculous amount of speed, and took off 90 miles an hour. I slept in fear all night. Everyone always said Siamese cats were the devil but I just had to get one of my own. Despite all of this I am starting to really enjoy him. He’s über playful and mean and I like that in my kitties. They can defend themselves against the devils I call my children. 🙂

So, without dragging it out any further. I have went against my husbands idea of a name for the cat which was “Ugly” and decided on..are you ready for this? I can’t take the excitement anymore..

Our new kitty

Now, introducing the newest member of the McLinden Clan: Skid Mark (Thanks Babe it all stemmed from you)

I know I know…genius. Can’t wait for the kids to go to school and tell all the kids about their skid mark. I am laughing I’m so good. Ok, well now the excitement is over and it’s time for me to go clean up the lamp and picture frame mess the cat, I mean Skid Mark just knocked down.

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  1. Oh Sara I laughed so hard reading this. Reminds me of a cat I use to have that would stalk your feet all night. He got Jake in the middle of the night one time, so of course Jake took off after him in the middle of the night and stumped his toe in the process. All I could hear was you Mother F@?!$%. And all I could do was roll over and laugh in my pillow!

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