Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…


I was sitting here reading some brilliant stuff on when I heard this distant banging sound in my kitchen (even though it is right next to where i’m sitting I’ve become very good at tuning my children out) and my son has just beat a spider to death. I hate them but I actually felt sorry for that spider. He had a spatula and he was jumping up and down just beating this spider and telling it “I got you stinkin’ spider”. It went on a good minute or so and I can’t stop laughing. He was horrified of this spider. He is so his momma’s son. I’m so proud.


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  1. I too am horrified of spiders. I’m afraid to threaten any, however, thinking they may try to sneak into my mouth at night. I’m not eating any spiders… so I hope they leave me alone, despite that popular statistic about people eating them in their sleep.

    • This is one of my favorite things I’ve had commented on my blog. My husband reminds me of the spider statistic all the time! We told my kids about it one day and they were horrified and then of course we told them it was a joke but for a moment it was really funny. 🙂

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