Alcohol…an entertaining friend of mine


I haven’t posted any pictures from my reunion because my net has been down and I was really saving some of them for my blog. I don’t know if you know this about me but I LOVE taking pictures with drunken passed out people. My friends (husband included) hate this about me because I have no shame. So, I know the reunion was awesome because I have added some new ones to my collection. Are you ready for this?

Reunion Charlie and Jenn

Chuck still alive

So, this is my friend Chuck with my other friend Jennifer. This is Chuck alive and kicking and still partying down and having a good time.

And here he is 3 minutes later

The only thing I love more than passed out people are pictures taken with people that are passed out. I have a whole collection I will be more than glad to share with you as time goes on. They are priceless and make me giggle every time I see them. And even better is when you can get other people in on the action…

Jason posing with Chuck

Awesome evening. We only had 11 people out of our whole class of 28 show up but it was priceless and we made some new memories to share in 5 more years. πŸ™‚ I love you Chuck!! You are a most awesome friend!

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    • lol ..hey we were a good sized class. The town next to ours only consists of like 200 people and their classes have like 10 (if that) in them lol. Drunk passed out people are awesome. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, it was a good time with all of the 11 people that actually showed to the reunion. Small town Oklahoma! My sons class had I think 8 (he goes to a diff school than I did) last year. We are changing schools this year lol.

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