Eff you and your meals…


So, I thought it was just me b/c I was raised with meat and potatoes. You were lucky to have the meat. Apparently, after hearing my husbands opinion and one of his trusted friends there is no happy medium. I thought well maybe if i make more crazy casseroles and crap but his friend said all his gf does is make crazy crap lol. He just wishes for meat and potatoes. So, I’m happy tonite b/c i’m sticking with my roots on this one. Sorry babe if you wanted something new b/c it’s meat and potatoes here on out. 🙂

Apparently, I can’t even season a hamburger right so eff you and your hamburger patty. You can have ramen noodles lol. My kids are happy with it so everyone else should be too. 🙂


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