Give me your money….


I’ve mentioned before that our 10 year reunion is coming up in June. The class president who happens to be a lot more put together than I asked me to set up a pay pal account and ask everyone for a donation. I didn’t have a problem with this. I set the account up and put my $20 bucks in the account first thing just to see how it worked. I was so excited because I didn’t feel like a few of us were going to be paying for everything alone. I have checked my account at PayPal everyday just to see the progress we have made and so that we are able to buy things like-utensils, plates, cups, you know really make this reunion something special. Needless to say the only money in the account is my freaking $20 bucks. I’m getting upset over this. How hard is it really to donate the money? Every day I look at that account I get more angry because we are doing this so we can all get together. I realize we weren’t a close class but some of us were. I am looking forward to drinking with these people damnit. This will not be taken from me. Give me your money. I asked what the class felt about changing the time and what response did I get? Two people had the time to reply. If it were a class of 3 that would be awesome lol.

Ok, I am done for NOW. I will be back because this reunion is going to eat me alive.


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