I blame the Zyrtec on my mood swings…


WARNING:  I am prone to crazy mood swings and I can hold a grudge like no one else. Which brings me to my little story about my dear husband and I.

I posted on my Facebook a while back about how my parents mailbox had gotten a beat down. I was leaving the house and I noticed it lying on the ground so I pick it up and throw it in my car and I am mad. I just know someone has knocked this mailbox right off its stand and just left it lying there on the ground. So, I proceed to get on Facebook and threaten anyone that may know the culprit and to let them know I wasn’t above sitting in my pasture with a paintball gun, a Bud Light, and some friends. Good times, I mean not only was this brilliant but I was so proud I stood up for myself, my parents, and anyone else whose mailbox had gotten a beat down.

I gloated about this for about three days and then there is the return of  my husband. We are on our way to breakfast one morning and I am just going on and on about these little punks and how I saved Mustang Fuel Road Community (aka Lewisville ha ha). He looks at me so serious and he says, “Sara, I don’t think anyone knocked the mailbox down”. What? Was he blind? Did I not have this plastic box in my trunk? He just burst my bubble of awesome. I had PLANS. I was a saint! I saved a whole community from mailbox bandits. So, of course, I did the only reasonable thing I could think of. I look at him and I say, “What? Did you just call me stupid?“. Louie looked at me and you could see he was completely lost on what had just happened. You see, I knew he wasn’t calling me stupid but he just burst my bubble of awesome and I was pissed. So, therefore, I had to ruin his morning. He finally opens his mouth and asks what he thinks is a logical question, “How can I state my opinion and you accuse me of calling you stupid?”. How dare he question my accusation. Doesn’t he know by now when I have an emotional outburst there is no winner? All I can hear him say is “stupid stupid head”. So, I’ve already started digging my hole and there is no stopping it now. What am I supposed to do? I quickly think of my options. I can save this argument and apologize OR I can stick with my guns. Well, what do you think I chose? Of course he called me stupid!

Louie starts trying to explain his “meaning” and says “Sara, your parents mailbox is right by ours and it would not make sense for a driver to pull up to theirs, stop, rolls his window down, hit your moms box, and drive off leaving ours perfectly in tact. It’s been there a long time it probably just fell off”. I am aghast (and he explained it like i’m a ditz). I can NOT believe not only has he called me stupid but now he is saying my dad is a crappy handyman. The tears are coming now because I can not believe what is happening. “See, Louie, you think I’m stupid and my dad is a crappy handyman”, (I am actually starting to kind of feel sorry for him at this point).

You would think this is where husband training kicks in and he can either 1) Stay quiet and play dead until I quit crying from the mental abuse I am so sure he is throwing at me right now OR 2) Tell me I’m crazy.

Well, needless to say it got a lot worse from there. 🙂 One day he’ll learn just don’t question my awesome bubble and all will be good in the McLinden Clan Household. I still maintain the wood was ripped and it was beat down by someone who has OCD and only does every other mailbox. DUH.


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