Not sure this is okay…


I am blogging more than once in a day b/c what the heck! You say dear husband you want to have a beer well sir I am in. You better be ready to roll and not say you want to give up and go in and watch tv. WTF. You said drink beer damnit. When it comes to me that usually means multiple beers. Lord forbid the wind start blowing. You really just dragged me inside to watch “It Takes Two” with Kirstie Allen and the Olsen twins? Really? I love my kids but isn’t there something on like Ben 10 or even the hated Sponge Bob? I’m already emotional and maybe I just needed to tie one on and be crazy about it. Just drink some beer (Budlight of course) and just relax and tell you how I really feel about my kid being emotionally beat down by his baseball team and how you, dear husband,  pour money in this truck that is literally a pipe dream. What about the fact that I have a sitter Friday on MEMORIAL weekend and I have nothing to do. Literally, nothing to do. My friends either live far away, have plans, or they are in a new relationship (I still remember how that feels so I do NOT blame them for the happiness of everything new). It just gets on my nerves (my husband) b/c if you LOOK at me and say I want to drink beer, well, damnit, you better want to drink some beer b/c this momma doesn’t play around.


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