I’d like to say i’m a “virgin blogger”…


I’d like to say that I am a virgin blogger but alas I am not. I used to have a blog on MySpace but just like my blog, my MySpace page is a distant memory! I miss writing so I thought that I would start a new blog. I don’t have any main focus like food, travel, or gas prices. I like to write about life in general. How I ended up where I am, who I am disliking at this time, and what I hope for tomorrow. Sometimes, I’ll write about DIY, home remedies, kids, husbands, or things that really just drive me insane. Just bear with me and it will all come together sooner or later (hopefully, not the latter). And if you are wondering about my grammar, spelling, or punctuation, unless you want to proof read everything that I write I suggest just skipping over it because I am no where close to being an English Professor.

My 10 year reunion is coming up and I am excited to see everyone. The funny thing about a small town is you see most of the people you went to school with so I am using this as an excuse to hang out with my friends (while the kids stay at grandma’s) and drink during the day. I don’t feel guilty because from what I’ve heard I’m definitely not the only one thinking this same thing. 🙂 I’ve tried to be pretty involved in the planning of the reunion but I never realized how much work is involved in it all. In my head I’m thinking why wouldn’t people want to come and catch up but in reality I see that not every one is as enthused as I am. It shouldn’t be that hard to get everyone to RSVP or to get an address for them. There were only something like 20 people in our class. Planning for the big reunion we should have like 50 people there at least with wives and kids included. Cracks me up.

I guess that is all that I have to write for my first blog. I’m slightly hung over and it looks as though we are about to get a good storm and I can’t miss the opportunity to crawl on my couch and find a new book to read on my Kindle! I hope you will not judge me to harshly by my first post and will be back to read again.


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  1. I remember always reading your blog on Myspace, but like you that is a thing of the past. I love Facebook though!! Just saw the blog thing on Facebook, and thought I better check it out, so I read each entry. Glad to be able to keep up with your blog once again. Thanks for the entertainment, Sara!!!

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